Is There A Natural Translational System Suitable for the Target Therapy of Lung Cancer?


Thus, as I showed elsewhere [6], these findings were of the order of “Premature Discovery.” Little wonder that, nowadays, the phenomenon goes by the appropriate name of lymph angiogenesis. Furthermore, it has been identified for target therapy purposes [7,8], Incidentally, I have published that this phenomenon explains the longlasting puzzle concerning the selectivity of the adrenal glands during the metastasis of lung cancers . As far back as 1798, the great Sir Astley Cooper [9] had recognized the importance of “the thoracic duct in the human economy.” Hitherto, the problem was the difficulty that this 45 cm long organ presented to researchers. It had to be cut and examined as numerous microscope cross sections [10]. However, on my part, I devised the Swiss-roll method of coiling it and properly processing it so as to examine it with a single microscope slide [5]. This maneuver revealed the panorama of lung cancer cells being transported through this special conduit at the moment of death.


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